It’s The Same

It’s the same A rehearsal of pain, A misinterpretation leads to a projection of shame. It’s like you weave in and out of feelings, Not sure whether God or the Devil is the most appealing. As if everything you love turns into a weakness, And your eyes cast across a battlefield thinking ‘I can beat … Continue reading


The Masks We Give Ourselves

The philosophy that in life we have two options – Sink or Swim – seems to me to the self righteous judgement that achievement is better than failure. Yet failure teaches us to learn from the process, so that if we are ever faced with similar hardships we are better prepared. There seems to be … Continue reading

Two Paths of Life (Collaboration with Bradley Patten)

As above, So below; you will lead and I will follow. It wasn’t you and it wasn’t me I was walking and you were flying but we still planted the seed. Embedded in the darkest first are your roots. When you decide to break through the surface, The light you see will be me. Progression … Continue reading


All That We Can Share

The connections that we weave between ourselves and others can never be broken; they may twist and warp with distance and time, however we remain forever tied to those we have interacted on any level with. It does not matter if that interaction was a simple smile or an intimate conversation. We carry fragments of … Continue reading

The Mirrors of a Deeper Cosmos

There is an invasive side to human nature, a side which can be seen as a forcing of your principles onto another; yet it could also be construed as a person misunderstanding the intention of love. It seems to be crafted into our human makeup to pass judgement upon another if they do not act … Continue reading

Spiritual Journey

Through Lens of Our Universe

I think at some point in all our lives we have had to traipse through the fire of our own psyche, avoiding the flickering flames which lash out at us; these flames having been born through self-creating cycles of unhealthy thoughts. Once we’ve walked through the heat, watching the flames grow fiercer and fiercer we … Continue reading

Prose: Passing into the Abyss {testing excerpts}

So I’m thinking of writing a book based upon the concept of death and the mysteries and experiences that surround it. Using the foundation of my philosophical writings I am trying to depict the journey of a man who passes over. Here’s what I have so far: (criticisms, advice and comments would be much appreciated) … Continue reading

Spiritual Growth

The Paradox of Human Suffering

It’s in times of suffering that we as human beings have been trained to believe that the option is one of cutting ourselves off and becoming hurtful to others. The narcissistic nature of society forces those within it to believe that when they are hurting their vulnerability is a personal weakness and thus they should … Continue reading

Painters of Ourselves

The Vitality of Human Transformation

Vital in our existence, we live through separation; our juxtapositions so close yet so detached. We have forgotten the true connectivity, a connectivity which remains threaded through our essences despite the ignorance we formulate through the biological intellect that we inhabit. The meeting of two separate yet metaphysically intertwined beings within the modern paradigm usually … Continue reading

We hold Time

We The Physicists of Time

Within physics it is noted that no observable object remains unchanged by the observer. The concept that if you were to observe the objects of the room within their three dimensional functioning, your vibratory perception would affect how they were aligned within the physical realm. This idea states that when the observer is not present … Continue reading


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