Wordless Silence

There is a sort of poetry to silence, when all of life has come to a tranquil halt and we are left with only our own contemplations for company. We never truly experience silence in a natural sense however, as no matter how much we prepare our surroundings the bustle of life still occurs around … Continue reading


Things I learnt from losing a Friend.

It took me a long time to realise that not all people in life are permanently there beside you; sometimes we grow apart, sometimes we become toxic to one another and sometimes people just decide that they do not want us within their lives anymore. For me this was a hard realisation, as once I … Continue reading


Within Ourselves

There seems to me that we experience a strange kind of revolution when we progress through our 20s; it feels as if we go from a point of naivety in which we feel the world is golden beneath our feet into a sort of organisational purgatory. A place where the ground we walk upon is … Continue reading


This World

I like wearing cardigans which are full of fraying holes, Feeling like I’m tangled up in a fragment of my own soul. I love listening to music so loud while driving that I forget I’m alone; That despite how many people I know, I’m really just on my own. I love reading books so big … Continue reading


Why I Didn’t Give You A Card This Year

To me a card is something someone gives to another to signify an occasion, A gift of thought that says ‘I’m with you today’; a sort of demonstration; A fixed conversation in which you show your appreciation almost under cultural obligation. To give you a card at times when I find you in my heart … Continue reading


The Struggle is Invisible

‘No-one seems to understand’ You say while tracing the lines on the palm of your hand. ‘No-one gets to see the pain, That plagues me every single day’ The struggle is invisible, It goes beyond anything you could class as clinical, It’s like staring down the barrel of a gun and wondering ‘is this fixable’. … Continue reading


Blurred discussion of My Lifes Purpose

You say you had never dreamt before me, Yet before you I believed life was nothing more than a soliloquy; That life was just a trail of unspoken feelings, And voicing my own thoughts seemed to leave others reeling. I was stuck in a space between happiness, And the self worth I hung upon others … Continue reading

It’s The Same

It’s the same A rehearsal of pain, A misinterpretation leads to a projection of shame. It’s like you weave in and out of feelings, Not sure whether God or the Devil is the most appealing. As if everything you love turns into a weakness, And your eyes cast across a battlefield thinking ‘I can beat … Continue reading


The Masks We Give Ourselves

The philosophy that in life we have two options – Sink or Swim – seems to me to the self righteous judgement that achievement is better than failure. Yet failure teaches us to learn from the process, so that if we are ever faced with similar hardships we are better prepared. There seems to be … Continue reading

Two Paths of Life (Collaboration with Bradley Patten)

As above, So below; you will lead and I will follow. It wasn’t you and it wasn’t me I was walking and you were flying but we still planted the seed. Embedded in the darkest first are your roots. When you decide to break through the surface, The light you see will be me. Progression … Continue reading