I see the weight of the world tucked between your shoulder blades,
Watching as with each laboured breath it begins to cascade,
Down through your spine,
It’s seeps beneath your skin,
Until you cannot manage to define what is without from what is within.

Your eyes are looking heavy,
But that’s not most of all,
Your soul begins to empty,
Spilling out onto my floor.

As I scramble desperately to hold it all together,
It’s dawns on me that is really a symptom of something greater.
Of something much weightier,
Of something which clips all our wings and forces us to stay here.

You talk to me of darkness,
And of the world so lost,
That when you look to others all you see is further cost.

What you mean is not just money,
And I know this to be true,
You ask me why no one is searching to find out the all important ‘who?’.

Now sometimes I look at you with wonder in my eyes,
For darling can’t you see that you make up the land, the earth and the skies.
You light up all my darkness and paint the veiled night,
You hitch the wind beneath my wings as I glide into flight.
You casually create the air that I breathe into my lungs,
You dance upon the mystical and think of it as fun.

So when you look at me with that all underlying pain,
All I want is for you to know,
You are the sun, the moon, the infinite ebb and flow.

Now take that weight off of your shoulders,
Dear, atlas wants his turn,
It’s time for you to look at life without that heavy burden.

What’s happening here is more complex,
Than one man could ever fix,
We are living in a world of clever magic tricks,
The type that distract you with hand,
While the other hits with you a brick.

I can hear you now saying,
‘That that is just knowing is not enough,
That there is suffering greater in this world than what I think is tough.’

I’m sorry I don’t have answers now to rest your weary mind,
But from experience I give you what my heart and head has combined.

There is a greater motion happening,
For which we are a part,
And within this, for there to be light there also must be dark.
I also want to tell you that it is time to play it smart,
You can’t light the way for others if your stumble before you start.

So please don’t take the world and place it between your shoulders,
Don’t let your emotions become that boulder,
Don’t let it slide down your spine and seep into your skin,
For this is what stops you from being able to begin.

Now take my hand in yours and exhale all that pent up woe,
For then you’ll really be able to know
That what is happening now is merely just a show.



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