They’re going to kill me she said,
And she didn’t mean the scarecrows.

She told me all about it as we sat discussing,
Her pain,
Her strife,
Her woes.

She told me of her heart and its icy metal core,
Spoke of how she wished she had the strength to let it thaw.

And as I sat I watched her place her hands upon her chest,
Wrestling with a clasp as if to get undressed.

Yet when the clasp was drawn open what I saw was something else,
A creak
and a swing
and she opened a door unto herself.

And from this door a bird flew flapping, shackled as it did,
It stretched and strained desperately and I knew what must be done.

I scratched and pulled at myself until I found my clasp,
and heaved it open so violently with one loud gasp,

With this I reached inside my chest and found a silver key,
Without a word I held her bird and turned the lock to set it free.
Away it flew with desperation towards the nearest tree.

And as I watched I wondered what it meant to this girl here,
To finally live in harmony without a single fear,

So I took her hand slowly in mine with a gesture of release,
And hoped she understood that key was hers to keep.

Yet as I looked upon her what I saw was not relief
But a expression which I watched as it slowly started to creep.
And as it did she spun to look towards the tree
She soon sunk in dismay,
As as the bird had fluttered it had turned once more our way.

It’s black eyes looked to her with a kindness to impart
And motioned to the scarecrows that had once frozen her heart

‘They’re going to kill me’ it cried,
‘But not before I die’
Without fear or explanation
and then flew away to wherever was its destination

And with that it was over,
Everything could start anew,
For we were safe, united and all now knew
‘There’s always a scarecrow and a shackled bird fighting within you’



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