I was born with a mind so open
That I have to struggle to keep everything from falling out of my mouth;
It’s like I know which things should just stay hidden deep down,
Yet every time something new catches my eye;
My fickleness comes unbound.

Instead I chose the other way,
And quiet my observations so
That each and every time my mind flickers none needs to know.

I was born with eyes so open,
That I have to struggle to not judge and cross lines
It’s like I watch the world go by looking for certain signs
Yet sometimes I do have to wonder;
What really is my mind.

Instead I picked the other way, And say nothing at all
As I know at least then I will not be my own downfall.

I was born with a heart so open,
That I have to struggle not to change my feelings on any given day
It’s like my emotions ebb and flow and I wish they would just stay,
Yet I live inside my own thoughts which echo on replay.

That’s not saying my heart is fickle,
But I know my mind is so,
It’s as if I have a part of everyone within me everywhere I go.
Sometimes I can hear them,
And god they do talk loud,
Other times they’re silent and I wish they were around.

All I know for certain is that my heart is very full,
With each and every person that has graced my life; no matter how small.

Now with this beauty there’s pain to find
In one form or another,
Mainly because it’s becomes hard to define the self from other.
And connections do become a bother,
But only because I struggle with feeling as others suffer.

So if you see me one day and I’m revelling in your tales,
And then my words begin to stutter and fail,
Please understand it’s the tipping of my carefully crafted scales.

Also please be gentle when you meet that inner part of me,
As to me it is important that I let you in, It’s not something everyone gets to see.



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