Your Much Deserved Awards.


I have just been honored enough to receive a nomination for the award : Very Inspiring Blogger from Sofia Siberia! – Check it out it’s enlightening.

Sofia Siberia has one of the most positivity resonating blogs I have seen yet. It is full of such educating, uplifting knowledge which truly tap into the truth of human beings. Her articles promote such positive ripple which are seen following out into her community. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Positivity is something that in life is essential and from what I gather from modern society we are being trained to think in more negative ways. Thus our mindset being corrupted and positivity being seen as more of an effort than a reward. So when I come on here are see so many of us working towards the education and enlightenment of one-another it gives me hope that maybe our consciousnesses are moving in the right direction!

I’ve heard for this award that you are supposed to write 7 things about yourself, so here I go:

1. I suffer from the innate need to make a positive impact on those around me and strive to make their lives a little bit happier. Sometimes to my detriment.

2. The one thing I despise in the world is lying, the intentional concealment of truth usually employed to cover up something negative. I find in life no matter what the issue is, if we face it with complete honesty then we will not fall into the tangled web of deceit and negativity.

3. I love to write fiction although recently have found myself in a battle of creativity where what seems to be written is more of an outlook on the world then it is a story.

4. I suffer from the occasional bout of arrogance; I feel it creeping up when someone compliments me and sometimes let it get the better of me and allow it to inflate me ego.

5. My mind is my biggest enemy. For those of you that have a sensitive empathetic disposition like me, you will understand when I say sometimes we let outer energies get the better of us.

6. I am bless with having the most beautiful amazing people surround me and encompass me with their unconditional love. Which sometimes saves me from the world outside.

7. The thing I believe in the most in the world is Love, the unity of human beings and the deep understanding of each others souls. That’s why I never intend to let the other half of my soul go.


Now to Pass this honor on:

You guys just promote such positive, creative, inquisitive energy:

I hope you all appreciate the award as much as I appreciate your works!



Is the second award I received from Sofia and it is just as appreciated.

Here are my inquisitive, interesting and insightful nominees:

Thank you so much for sharing with me the insightful way you look at the world! 🙂







16 thoughts on “Your Much Deserved Awards.

  1. Ooh wee, an award! Yes, of course I accept, though really I am just beginning my blog, this will definately add some inspiration, so thank you! I also really appresciate your honest writing in your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. Oh such a wonderful post and acknowledgment, my dear friend!
    Deepest thanks for your heartwarming words!

    And you are right,i myself feel so happy seeing how many people around here are actually eagerly interested in the ideas of spirituality, love, search of wisdom and increase of awareness!
    I’m truly blessed with the wonderful and positive community of people/fellow bloggers and writers i got to meet here!

    Thank you for the wonderful posts on your site! You carry a lot of light and positivity in your heart too!

    Be blissful and loved!

  3. I am so thankful for the recognition. I love feeling of community. All sharing a common goal of spreading peace. My goal is aimed towards helping others find the light from within, live in our authentic power and shed away the layers that no longer serve our higher self.
    Again thank you!

  4. Thank you for all your kind comments! You didn’t have to thank me because I feel when i visit each of your blogs I come away with an appreciation of something different. Keep writing because I always want to read 🙂

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