Why I Didn’t Give You A Card This Year

To me a card is something someone gives to another to signify an occasion,

A gift of thought that says ‘I’m with you today’; a sort of demonstration;
A fixed conversation in which you show your appreciation almost under cultural obligation.

To give you a card
at times when I find you in my heart
really is an impossible task.
An infinity of giving would ensue,
In which there would never be a moment where I did not think of you.
But you know that already don’t you?

Simply giving a material object would not suffice,
As I believe that what means more is what it’s supposed to symbolise;
A miniaturised version of a truth which we do not advertise;
That we are able to empathise, sympathise, fantasise
That really although we are all separate we are living under the same conscious disguise.

And to me there is no separation between us,
There are no events in which I believe a piece of paper is needed to confirm this.

I know that we are ever-present in each others lives,
Even when we are separated by circumstances which arise.
I know that even on days when it should be about you,
There is an understanding that whatever happens: I feel it too;
Because I know if someone was to able to bring our souls into view,
That they would struggle to see which was me and which was you.

That’s the most beautiful truth about celebrating your birthday;
That I am thanking the stars for giving you away,
Understanding that no matter what divides us, love is what makes us stay.
And with this I begin to see
That when we celebrate anyone’s birthday this is where we should all be;
In a eternal moment of pure appreciation that they were created and that their soul was ready.
So then today, especially, I would like to say how grateful I am to have you standing beside me.
You truly are what makes me free.



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