It Slithers Down

It slithers down,

Through the streams of my thoughts

Like a vulture circling around.

It waits for me to drown,

It slithers down.


I feel it now,

The sense of loss,

The longing,

It hands me the crown

Forces itself to bow,

All as it slithers down.


There it hangs upon the cross,

Eternally embossed,

Wounds inflicted,

Neck all twisted

Heart is missing.

It slithers down.


We are bound,

Both our stakes in its pain

We feel its suffering,

Existence turning to nothing

But still it slithers down.


The blood hound,

Shhhh don’t make a sound,

Ears to the ground,

Don’t let it know we can be found.

Look there it goes, it slithers down.



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