Out the Window

I watch time pass through the shutters of my eye lids,

Silence lost, over stimulation of the primitive.

We dance like monkeys upon our homes,

Lost in a trance within our world-like tombs.

We Live,

We Comply,

We Die.

Where does it end, when do we begin to contend,

Fight to be free not just for motivated greed.

Chasing shadows through the narrow pathways of our minds,

We find nothing; a blank slate lost within hyper-communication.

The journey with an unfathomable  destination,

You watch through the shutters of eye lids; placid.

We live in  a perpetual coma,

Content with living life as a metaphysical donor.

Sell your soul for an all expenses paid trip,

Let your  senses be tainted by the poisonous tip;

That attacks your soul and corrupts your morals.

What happens when we stand up,

Say no to anything that interrupts

The connection between you and your self trust.

Don’t live in this lie that has been constructed,

Never feel like your pathway has been instructed.

What we’re experiencing is not destiny,

But just the false testimony of capitalism: the underlying religion.


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