Two Paths of Life (Collaboration with Bradley Patten)

As above, So below; you will lead and I will follow.

It wasn’t you and it wasn’t me

I was walking and you were flying but we still planted the seed.

Embedded in the darkest first are your roots.

When you decide to break through the surface,

The light you see will be me.

Progression is a possession we don’t evoke properly in our lives

Yet I will strive,

I am not the seed that will not grow.

Day one went well – bring on tomorrow.

Part above, Mostly below; you have led and I have followed.

It’s time to start the bedrock of stemming towards better,

The grass is always greener in someone else’s life;

But until you have blossomed and grown,

You won’t understand all that there is to be known.

Let’s not water ourselves too heavy in ego,

We don’t want to misinterpret one day of healing as placebo.

The first few feet are beautiful in multiple ways,

Let not look at this as years or months but days.

You’re still not far from the maize,

Of people that are already grown.

The process is long as you take form,

I witness the first stage of your personality be born.

That’s not to say I’m branching out yet,

My roots run deep, it’s your light I’m trying to accept.

You’ll have to stick to you, like glue

Soon it’ll be one that has formed from two.

You’re evolving into a beautiful you

Keep exceeding your limits to reach the sky so blue.


As above, No longer below; you have led and I have followed.

My inner strength has become visible

Fifty percent of the time no longer miserable,

And without you it wouldn’t have been possible.

As the negativity leaves me, more of your encouraging rays I can perceive;

And the fundamental Idea of not having to be on my knees, just existing to breathe

Feels like a relief I can seize.

I am choosing to reach for more than just existence,

A character that is built beyond repetition.

There is not accurate measurement of how far you have come,

It’s something inside of you;

A personal perception.

Before you’re even there it’s clear to me,

You won’t help craft the maize

You’ll grow to be a feature; a beacon people will see.


You’re starting to provide, not just exist,

The others blend in while you stand clear of that mist.


One More Redwood Has Become Truly It’s Own


Now above, Remember below; that way others can follow.

I was engulfed in a dark and unforgiving shell,

No concept of life or as it was.

But you have flourished and become a true icon,

For others to rely on,

To help them believe they can exceed more than just the shell of their seed.

Your existence has been achieved.


You have been the bright light taking me out of the tunnel; A reverse funnel.

Like the sands pouring through an hourglass my dark time is over.

Thank you for being my shinning light.

No thank you for being the reason I end the night.

Without you I’d have no purpose, or means to exist

Without you my reason would be over;

Without you the start of a supernova.


The Two Paths of life; interdependent.

Neither is better than the other, but both are better than neither.

As above, So Below we will lead and others will follow.



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