All That We Can Share

The connections that we weave between ourselves and others can never be broken; they may twist and warp with distance and time, however we remain forever tied to those we have interacted on any level with. It does not matter if that interaction was a simple smile or an intimate conversation. We carry fragments of each other within our hearts and the voices of those fragments chatter in the deepest corners of our minds. We are not separate and we are not detached.

It took me a long time to come to terms with the idea that you can love someone despite their darkness, despite the acid they have metaphorically poured upon your open hands, despite how much they maintain their distance. It took me to fully embrace all facets of my darkness, to fall in love with myself entirely to become open to sharing love with each and every person I come across.

Anger when exerted within the moment may feel like a release, however it acts more as a spreading agent; a disease. The connections that we have woven, the threads that join us to one another can be easily poisoned by this disease; creating contempt and anguish whenever we ponder upon each other. Yet anger is self manifested. It comes from a place of disappointment. Disappointment that an event has not unfolded exactly as we carefully mapped out within our minds, or that a person has not lived up to the image which we have forged within our view of them.

To understand that anger is an obstacle of freedom is to understand that one should be passive in reaction to events which would otherwise rile us. We should not seek to change individuals to what we think is the right mould; one that fits our own agendas. We should love people for all their flaws, all their sparks, all their darkness. We should turn what once made us angry into a love; a love of difference.

Love is freedom. Within the freedom we seek we must understand that although our actions are our own, they do ripple and create repercussions. Therefore each action as a free individual should be enacted with complete positive intent; with an understanding that we do not wish to harm, hurt or destroy anything or anyone. However freedom is mistaken as a license to behave without contemplation of anyone but ourselves. That is not freedom. That is slavery; slavery to the selfishness of the human ego -the paradigm that we may behave however we wish and not care for the consequences.

Consequently the ties we have created with others become burnt, like bridges that we barricade off. With signs stating ‘you may not enter my castle’; inferring that all we have collected in life, from material possessions to intellectual gratification is not for anyone but ourselves. These competitive connections; these self-gaining, one-way-street, you- give-me-and-I’ll-take relationships; are precisely why the evolution of our spiritual being has become so stunted.

We are not separate and we are not detached; but we chose to block others out of our life as if the warmth and love of another human being seeks to steal us away from our individuality.  When all it will do is provide us with all we need to instigate further growth.  The human race needs to learn to love one another with all their hearts, see all the positivity in our differences and understand that vulnerability does not mean we are going to get hurt but that we trust one another enough to show the cores of our being.

Otherwise slowly we are committing spiritual suicide.



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