The Mirrors of a Deeper Cosmos

There is an invasive side to human nature, a side which can be seen as a forcing of your principles onto another; yet it could also be construed as a person misunderstanding the intention of love. It seems to be crafted into our human makeup to pass judgement upon another if they do not act within the parameters of what we wish to see. This society installed skill allows for division between personality, age, class, race and any other difference that we hold; division being the driving force behind animosity.

The challenge it seems once we have accepted the duality that lives within our own soul, is to overcome our need for others to live a life that is parallel to our own; to think how we think, act how we act and hold the same opinions we do. This hurdle teaches us not only that love is unconditional but that we all hold beauty within us. Difficulty arises within this challenge when it is viewed that there is direct opposition to the views or actions which you hold as ‘correct’; this opposition creating the type of division which ultimately resolves in conflict.

For there for be a revolution of this dividing paradigm there has to be a respectful acceptance that we are all different emanations of the same life force; we are all enacting different parts of a higher evolutionary purpose. For this realisation to be reached there has to be an understanding that the ‘pre-packaged’ labels which are fed to us from birth carry no real substance; just because someone is of a certain age, race or ‘rung on the hierarchical pyramid’ does not mean that underneath they do not share a connection with us. Thus once there has been a true embracing of oneself, we can begin to embrace others into our light and begin to grow whole again.

Within this process of connective realisation I personally became attuned to Astrology; the practise of understanding oneself through the energetic interactions of the planets with our human form. Through this tool of deeper understanding there runs the thread of connectivity – interlinking us with higher cosmic interactions. There is of course popular debate surrounding the validity of Astrology mainly due to the intentional shaming of it within mainstream circles (or even the influx of newspaper ‘horoscopes’ which really tell you nothing). However as an observable psychological science which takes into consideration the interaction of planets at the time in which you entered the world, it holds many personal truths for those who study or are shown it.

Understanding yourself is the most vital process within a time where society seems to be encouraging you to lose yourself. Astrology is a mirror which you can hold up to yourself in times where you feel lost; this mirror also allowing you to see how there are aspects of everyone within you. This realisation is vital in accepting others for the journey which they have embarked on; teaching you to appreciate the different facets of understanding that they offer you – just as you do with them.

And this is when you understand we are all just mirrors of a deeper cosmos…


One thought on “The Mirrors of a Deeper Cosmos

  1. True! Loved the reading. I myself only last year became more interested in astrology, in the matter of exploring the self. Even reading my astral chart as a beginner, gave great insights.
    We are basically here all life busy trying to understand ourselves 🙂 All different esoteric practices and people around are only to assist us with that.


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