Through Lens of Our Universe

I think at some point in all our lives we have had to traipse through the fire of our own psyche, avoiding the flickering flames which lash out at us; these flames having been born through self-creating cycles of unhealthy thoughts. Once we’ve walked through the heat, watching the flames grow fiercer and fiercer we realise that in avoiding being consumed by them we are in a perpetual state of apprehension; something we acknowledge as fear. To truly be free we have to stop exercising a conscious control, in which we obsess over every thought as not our own. We must brave the depths of our personal libraries reading each text which we have previously avoided; in this attempt to make us whole again we must embrace the totality of our beings, the duality of the dark and light.

On each person’s journey to higher understanding there comes that pinnacle moment in which they become aware that everything that is manifested within their reality springs almost directly from their perception; this perception laying the foundation to their entire existence. Once this concept is understood it is then the job of the individual to consciously investigate themselves; to truly know the lens of physicality which they inhabit. This awareness will have been covered for years underneath layers of ‘self-victimisation’, ‘finger-pointing’ and ‘people-labelling’.

To peel back these layers we must first indulge in an acceptance of the events which have happened within our lives in which we may not have acted within the interest of others. This process can be difficult as feelings of guilt shame and self-damnation may occur, catapulting us back into our shells with the attitude of ‘emotional comfort over truth’. The stubborn human condition teaches us that as long as we are happy it doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves; when truly it should teach us that honesty with ourselves will lead to true happiness.

This journey itself is representative of a phoenix rising from the ashes. We walk through the flames of our psyche letting them consume us through gaining true understanding only to be reborn as stronger individuals, conscious that reality is ultimately shaped by our perception and reactions to this perception. It may be painful and it may seem as if we will come out covered in scars but ultimately you can only be free once you accept what you truly are; the creator of your universe.

And so you will begin to fill your life with beauty, love and understanding….


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