The Paradox of Human Suffering

It’s in times of suffering that we as human beings have been trained to believe that the option is one of cutting ourselves off and becoming hurtful to others. The narcissistic nature of society forces those within it to believe that when they are hurting their vulnerability is a personal weakness and thus they should shield themselves by prickling all those around them; the defensive hedgehogs of humanity. This nature has been socialised through the constant ‘threat dangling’ that the media and society wave in front of our faces; ‘don’t trust others’, ‘be scared they are trying to hurt you’ and ‘watch your back’ seems to be engraved into the survival manual of our psyche.

We trust only ourselves and therefore are separate in emotion and intellect; perfect ego growing conditions. Yet this paradoxically does not stop the hurting, the longing for comfort, but perpetuates it. It sustains the lonely feeling each person feels when they look inside themselves in times of pain and ultimately induces a resentment for the lack of loving entities within their life.

The unavoidable truth is that within life we are going to feel pain, loss, suffering and hardship; it is what we do with these experiences that later decides our fate. The accomplishment would truly be to walk on hot coals but appreciate the sensation as a novel experience. Not remain transfixed upon them until our skin is burnt and our body broken. It really does go the same within life: negative experiences will wash through you unless you cling onto them, claiming rights of ownership. There really is a choice. Do you build yourself a tower based upon a foundation of misery and thus become a miser, or, do you build yourself a home based upon love and light and thus truly transcend into who you are supposed to become?

It seems we are distracted in an attempt to stop us from achieving union with the person we really are. The person we would naturally grow into if we were able to live life based upon self reflection and growth. Instead we must contend with a daily influx of information which truly does not promote expansion of our beings, but stunts it through provoking the primal side of our physicality.
When it is understood that to transcend an ego-dominated awareness, one has to exchange their superiority for an unconditional knowledge of love, many chose to remain within a 3 dimensional way of thought; pricking others with their poisonous thorns whenever they feel emotions which cause them become more vulnerable within themselves.

Overcoming such a condition is a lifetime’s work yet remaining within it is truly a lifetime of slavery. For me the choice is easy…



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