The Vitality of Human Transformation

Vital in our existence, we live through separation; our juxtapositions so close yet so detached.

We have forgotten the true connectivity, a connectivity which remains threaded through our essences despite the ignorance we formulate through the biological intellect that we inhabit. The meeting of two separate yet metaphysically intertwined beings within the modern paradigm usually forces one of two conclusions: like or dislike. However the eternal significance of interaction is over looked; when we meet another, even through a momentary glimpse into their souls, we are transformed. We are no longer the person which existed in previous moments.

So when we meet another being on our journey through this life and we walk with them for a while down the dusty track of physicality we become attuned to one another. Through each person we meet on this track we gain a different attuned frequency, our vibration is altered never to lower itself to its previous motion. This is something I find through spending time around people other than myself; they bring out different facets of your personality. Some bring out your intellect, some your philosophies, some you’re dark side and others just give you a place to rest your feet on your journey; holding up a sign with the words ‘you can be yourself here’ written on them. Along the dusty track which I have chosen within this life, I have met those who have brought out a thousand different vibrations in me; each sculpting me into the person I am today, each allowing me to feel a range of emotions and experience a multi-facet of thoughts. Even those who entice the darker aspects are transformative, allowing you to either fall into the depths of darkness or to fly higher than you ever have before

That is the beauty of existence, the proof that although we have been channelled down individualised tracks we are all still part of a jigsaw; interacting and sculpting each other so we may fit into place once again. We show each other that although we have been blinded to the metaphysical astral ties which lovingly bind us together, subtle transformations are made through even the smallest conversations. For me this is positivity in its entirety; the growth of our wings.

This beauty which forms from the light of two human beings reacting towards each other’s physical and spiritual energy is what we call love, and this is where the fault in the our thinking is facilitated. Love is taught as a chemically created sensation which occurs only romantically and within structures tied through blood. The failure to comprehend that the structures tied between us run thicker than blood, deeper than physical expression and stretch further then romantic connection is what blocks true connections. That love in its purest form is acceptance, an understanding and transformation. Loves innate subconscious notion that we are ‘all in this together’ creates a conscious yearning for connectivity that appears to seep through the ego’s defences in the form of contact with one another.

However being the complex scientific logical beings that a physical world has trained us to be, friendship is misunderstood. Social barriers of mutual benefit are created; you do this for me and I do this for you. The theology that all interactions are based on an ‘asset gaining purpose’, that we should only give positivity to those who give us exactly what we need. Stemming from the ego created structure of wanting to be superior to another, people become trapped. So within the jigsaw of human kind these are pieces which wish to be bigger and thus possess sharp edges that cut down those who want to collectively connect. The primitive delusion that we are still Darwinian in our nature is a fallacy based on the egotistical principle that you cannot survive unless you stomp upon the dreams of those who are not as ‘successful’ at the ‘game’ of life as you are.

Yet the definition of survive is to carry on in existence, to outlive others, to remain functional. Thus the real question is within the limited physical perspectives that we inhabit, do we truly believe that physical survival, the remaining functional, is truly perpetuated by the sacrifice of the ‘lesser’? Because this sacrifice of the lesser is exactly what occurs on a large scale within the world; humanity kills to live, politicians lie to gain power and cooperation’s deceive to profit. To comply to the ego is to comply to inequality of the world which we inhabit; creating a collective human race which corners are so sharp that no one ever connects and the true metaphysical, astral survival within the universe becomes lost.

When we reach the personal revelation that it does not matter if a person spites you or hugs you as each of these actions of transformative to our being, the true essence of love can be achieved. Love is the smile at the stranger in the street which causes them to realise they are significant, love is truly mastering the connectivity of life, love is respecting a person for who they are not who you want them to be and love is living without chains outside the confines of time.


One thought on “The Vitality of Human Transformation

  1. “Love is living without chains outside the confines of time.”

    Indeed, love needs no yesterday and no tomorrow. When thought, time and memory cease, Love arises.

    Let the never confessed thirst remember you…;)


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