We The Physicists of Time

Within physics it is noted that no observable object remains unchanged by the observer. The concept that if you were to observe the objects of the room within their three dimensional functioning, your vibratory perception would affect how they were aligned within the physical realm. This idea states that when the observer is not present within the room all of the objects remain static in their existence; their vibrations fluctuating from physical to non-physical. Upon entering the room as a ‘self- diagnosed’ three dimensional physical ‘object’ it is the observer which stabilises the fluctuating frequencies of the room and the observer’s perception which records them as physical objects.

Inside our mutually agreed perception of time, we can be identified as observers; creating the reality that moments exist chronologically, falling into place one after the other. Separating ourselves from the true linear form of time consequently creates the illusion that moments are progressing in only one direction. This forward direction is what we base our lives around; making sure that each moment has its designated productivity as to make the next occurring moment easier. Thus when we anticipate an event, base our ‘time’ around waiting for the event to unfold, preparing our existence to ease the moment, our consciousness traps us; speeding up our awareness to reach our intended direction.

This anticipation is the herald to the oncoming moments, leading the instigator of ‘future thinking’ to become a poignant cog within our paradigm. The expectancy and eagerness for events to occur may cause a superficial happiness; an irritable excitement. Yet it also encourages the hastening of time, warping our perceptions into living in imaginative moments which have not occurred within the dimension our consciousness lies.

When watching the moments occurring pass through us at a higher speed, in an attempt to herald the anticipated designated destination, it becomes clear that we miss all beauty and opportunity that this existence has to offer. We have become slaves to living in a forward direction; runners of a society created race track: life to death with nothing in between. Life is spent working to create a comfortable ‘later’, yet the later which is being attended to will not occur until we determine the suitable time. What does remain in conscious existence is the preparation period which is occurring with the tangible moment.

Each tangible moment is the bearer of not only unlimited possibility but boundless possibilities of time; a second can be an hour, just as an hour can be a second, if we wish it so. Collective re-evaluation of how we wish to manifest time is a possibility which could lead to creating an entirely different definition to living. This would be a stepping stone to the understanding that we are a subject of our own manifested intention, that we imprint our cognitions onto the world.
We not only live within a created dreamscape but we are allotted a span in which we may dwell in this realm. So why not take the span in which we have been bestowed and stretch it, twist it, warp it so that its parameters exist within a dimension that your awareness will have transcended.


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