The Dreamscape of Existence

We’re born with a curiosity for answers, but entrained to believe that someone else will give them to us; that our life, like fairy tale, will be in turmoil until a saviour comes to provide us with everything we’ve been searching for. The pattern emerges that suffering exists so that we can anticipate someone to bring us safety. Within this anticipation more misery unfolds as we are met with disappointment, after disappointment; no one lives up to the image we have created within ourselves. No one ever will, because that fabricated image is actually reflection of your inner truth; of your true being, the untarnished, protected essence which lies beneath the physical realm in which you dwell.

Within the dream-scape that we have chosen as the collective perception, there needs to be an awakening of truth; personal, undeniable honesty with oneself should be recognised. The realisation that we are the creators of our own perception is an achievement worth striving for; this realisation opening the door to understanding that any vibration which we process as reality, is there to shape our character like the waves of the great ocean chipping away at the cliffs of our consciousness.
We like the ocean are subjected by the pull of higher powers; our ebb and flow is controlled and we define ourselves as helpless. Helplessness is a perspective which creates itself; if we are to believe we are helpless, then we remain so. To set ourselves free from such ideas, we have to understand that the energies which try to affect us cannot do so unless we allow them within our own aura of being. There may be uncontrollable happenings within life which allow energies flow around us, trying to impede on our experience; yet if we meet them with a positive mirror then we remain unaffected. The cliffs of our consciousness can only be negatively eroded if we allow ourselves to become subject to foreign powers.

It really originates with the philosophy that ‘we create what we are’. If we chose to be subjected to metaphysical suffering due to physical hardship, then more suffering; deeper suffering, prevails. If instead we understand the hardships we face are challenges to overcome, lessons to be understood; then we can begin to raise our vibrations above the physicality of suffering and enter a realm entirely governed by our own awareness. This awareness stretches beyond suffering, to the entire dream-scape that we dwell in and once we have transcended toward it positive opportunities beyond physical understanding are achieved.

If we can live through suffering, remaining positive no matter the hardship then the result will be the vibratory shaping of our very essences; a higher calling which within the physical is not immediately accessible. We will no longer rely on the protection of our fairy tale saviours and will become attuned to the true plane of existence; energetic vibration.



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