The Emergence of Our Wings

Something which seems to create a struggle in all of us, is the inability to let go; the incapacity to look back on the past and call it the past. It’s as if, in this ever changing existence, we do not possess the talent to cut ties with moments which no longer exist. These moments hang around us like tangled threads, to be revisited whenever we glance their way; linear in their presence, they remain unchanged. Maybe the idea of letting go isn’t a process of cutting the thread but embracing it as part of your being. Realising that these moments of happiness, love, despair, anger and hurt have created the being that is contemplating all these intangible alternative paths that could have been walked. Maybe we should tangle ourselves up so much in these threads that they become a cocoon around our essences, a cocoon that will facilitate the birth of the experiences we usher in with each moment.

What if our memories serve not for us to look back and re-enact every bad choice we’ve made, watch all of the people we have loved and lost walk away from us, or reinforce the superiority we feel in ourselves. What if the reason we possess these conscious memories is so we can develop scars, evolve into human beings with depth of character and grow our wings. Memories shouldn’t be looked upon as past moments which we have recorded for our entertainment but as eternally existing, simultaneously occurring snap shots which encompass our entire being and are parts of the armour we wear as we are preparing to flourish.

The attachment to the idea that we have to overcome our past, as if it is an obstacle, is what prevents us from emerging as the butterflies we were meant to be. Instead of spending our life journeying back to the source of our creation by illuminating ourselves with such positive momentary glimpses of beauty, we spend our time stuck on a turn table which repeats after each song is played.
Blessed with the capacity to experience the extraordinary happenings of life, we should set ourselves into our predestined grooves. Play the melodies which resonate with us and when our melody has finished we should not dwell on the song; going back over it, picking it apart and evaluating all of its intricacies. We should appreciate the music for what is was – a snippet of awareness in a vast unknown.

Yes there are moments we cherish to look back upon but these are part of ourselves too, part of the reason we vibrate so positively and shine so brightly. These aren’t the moments that we shy away from and use to punish ourselves when we are feeling defeated; such threads should be embraced so to create another layer to our being, not hidden so they can come out and hurt us whenever it seems beneficial to sit in our negative swamps.


7 thoughts on “The Emergence of Our Wings

  1. I love, love, love this.

    Thank you for sharing this. So often we dwell on the thoughts of yesteryears and man can we dwell! We actually become victims to our past and funnily we are more than happy to exist there, because one cannot truly live if we are existing in the past. It’s exactly that, moments which has passed us by as absolute and complete trials to bless us on our way to the best possible versions of ourselves. But instead of embracing the learnings from every experience, seeing how those experiences have altered us for the better, we dwell on things that cannot be changed.

    Shouldn’t we just throw ourselves passionately, blatantly with wreck less abandonment in what’s yet to be? Shouldn’t we use all that ferocity and Zeal to enjoy the now and build for our futures!

    I find the best part of these moments is when, after they have occurred, I am stuck, shocked and stilled as all the realizations of this experiences hit me over and over and the fall in place like Lego blocks.

    It’s the most exhilarating thing to experience how you actually watch yourself change and adapt and see yourself morphing into this soon to be butterfly! But it takes a discipline to train your being this way, to look for the learnings and the good and the bad, a knowledge them, forgive yourself and others and build you life anew on a higher plateau as before.

    Beautiful, thanks again!

    • Thank you Candice for taking the time to read and impart your philosophies onto what I have written. It begins as a struggle at first, to part with the moments which have already gone – as we are trained to look at our lives as if they are montages from a movie; constantly flashing back to the parts which cut us the deepest. Your right, we should throw ourselves wholeheartedly into building a future but for some it may be a struggle to look at the future and see light; as there circumstances may not allow that. That is why we who can see the light, should raise its illumination so all can bask in it 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you do again!

      • Very true.

        I believe it is the eternal optimism in beings like ourselves, along with resilience, that allows us to bounce back quicker with a firmer more zealous approach as before.

        It’s not something people are innately always blessed with. We are we we are to affect the change in the lives of others. Some of us in our writing some of us as musicians, but we also need to experience those moments in order to write about these truths, these flashes of hope and most importantly, it takes courage to want to live I a positive space.

        Look forward to your next blog!
        Kind regards,


      • The only way that we can retain a positive space, is not to selfishly raise your own happiness but to affect any entity or energy that you interact with, in a positively rippling manner. So that the place of positive vibrations grows with your very existence. And you are right, the way this can be done is through many forms – some reaching far like music and writing and others in close quarters.
        Maybe the ones who can see these ripples, need to create moments in which others will wake up to the true nature of everything around them 🙂

      • Indeed.

        I also find that by affecting others we tend to heal ourselves and grow as individuals. So many times, our selfless natures is there to inspire others, allowing them to learn from us but as we impart ourselves to them it is a two way thing, for we learn more about our entities and we grow as beings. Identifying things that we may never have seen before.

        This is why sharing yourself and your experiences is such a positive thing. We never know how we will affect others, we never know how our a smile is something that would light up someone else’s day.

        So the reality is always to be good to yourself, love who you are, who you have evolved into and be that change that you wish to see.

        People will learn, will hold on, will want to grasp because our light, positivity and emotional beauty is like a drug, and we tend to want what we crave.

        Positive people with illuminated thought processes and emotional spaces tend to be like a lighthouse! A beacon of hope to those who are lost!


  2. ‘Adding another layer to our being’ that’s exactly how I feel it and what my Druid practice is teaching me. I see letting go and ego as becoming aware of where we are know, moving within our boundaries and excepting them to then expand gracefully from that point on.

  3. This is amazing. I really like the concept that ‘letting go’ is more an exercise in embracing what was and walking with it, rather than leaving it behind. So much to think about!


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