What we have lost.

Vacant smiles and false expressions inhabit the faceless people which we seem to interact with day in day out. Some days it disheartens me when I walk down the street and move into the road so a women can pass by with her child in a buggy, just to not even receive a gracious smile. Today it angers me a little; the selfishness that has been entrained into social interaction, the expecting to receive positive energy but never reciprocating that to another.

Personally I go through everyday with the innate need to help other human beings, to solve there problems, to guide them back to their inner light. Somehow it seems to me that the world has become a very selfish, disingenuous place where people’s words do not reflect their actions. Therefore we all learn to look for hidden agenda’s in what people say and teach ourselves to flippantly not stick our own word because ‘no one means it when they say it anyway’.

People walk around in bubbles of ignorance so obsessed by their individual lives that they become so disconnected from those around them. Disconnection is probably the soul cause of the ego manufacturing such selfish behaviours, as we are encouraged to live such singular lives that the empathic bond we form with other human beings is severed, leaving us only concerned with our own passing; forgetting that we are all part of the same energy.

This inability to empathise with other human beings becomes a laziness to care for anything that is not immediately tied for you, meaning your life becomes a manifesting waste of positive energy.

The hardest part of watching faceless people saunter around completely oblivious to there affect on the wider world is when you use your own personal energy in an attempt to uplift theirs, and you are met with a mere acceptance of this offering but no change in attitude follows. We not only unaware that we are severing our connections with those around us but that we are also promoting the creation of negativity through disregard. How many times have you heard someone say the words ‘who cares’ or ‘not my problem’. This just shows us how popularised the idea of ignorance and self-centredness has become.

We should be encouraging unity and support, bettering each other as human beings, leading each other to a higher understanding of ourselves and the world; not creating contention and disharmony. It saddens me when I feel my energy being used up so much to create such happiness in others and watch it be wasted instead of shared with all those around them.

What we have lost is our empathy, our conscious understanding and our selflessness.


6 thoughts on “What we have lost.

    • Yes I have noticed that what you write of is very similar to my views and your writing style is very close as well. I was so happy to come across your blog as it speaks with such truth and much needed clarity. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog with such positive words 🙂 it is much appreciated when people like you find my writing good!!

      • What is truthful and sincere is always good.

        Thank you for seeing and saying this: “your blog as it speaks with such truth and much needed clarity”

        We do need clarity…in these troubled times – to be able to coherently and stringently synthesize.
        To create order…that is the ultimate purpose.

        Do you live in America?

  1. I said I would get back.

    Just wanted to give you some feedback on this:

    “It saddens me when I feel my energy being used up so much to create such happiness in others and watch it be wasted instead of shared with all those around them.”

    I know exactly what you re talking about. For many years I gave away my energy, spreading around my joy and goodwill till I finally found myself totally drained.

    For sure, I was trapped in the false belief that we can do other people happy…that I could somehow deliberately “make” the world a better place…
    We can´t…you see…

    MOST PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY HAPPY TO BE UNHAPPY…-that´s the most weird paradox.
    I wanted to make unhappy people happy, but they were not interested to be “happy”.
    They like in fact contention and disharmony – it may sound strange, but it has taken me years to get this.

    So, to make it short, give your happiness and joy to yourself first, and then the ones who desire to embrace happiness, will just be attracted to you….and you to them 😉

    • Thank you so much for visiting again. I love to hear that there are other people out there experiencing the same fight that I am. What you just wrote about people being happy-unhappy I ironically wrote two days ago within my piece ‘Trying to not disappear’.

      That’s what I have learnt now – wrap yourself in a tight cocoon of warmth and positivity and it will thus be projected into others through sheer interaction; as when you stand by am open fire you are warmed.

      I must take some time to visit your blog as I am grateful for your comments and advise and really enjoy that you appreciate life through similar eyes to me 🙂 thank you again!


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