A Change in Perception

Pupils dilate, muscles relax, thoughts deepen, emotions heighten, the world spins within your head, and all at once your senses merge inducing a confusion of reality.

Am I dreaming?

No you’re not.

Look above you and watch the stars appear on the darkened canvas; flicks of paint on your work overalls, particles on dust which are only visible in streams of sunlight. Light pulsates before your eyes, the stars speak to you as if you’ve never seen them before, they create a kaleidoscope of colour across the darkness; yes you could watch them all night but then you’d wouldn’t experience anything else.

“Everything feels so familiar yet so… well it seems to make sense only in my head” Enlighten me, pull me from the spiral that appears every time I close my eyes and bring me back to reality. Your mind screams.

He tells you that the intensity will calm, that it’s purely within your own mind and that this feeling shouldn’t be fought. You believe him with bright eyes full of trust and a heart full of warmth; your body careless, your mind alert. Wandering around within a living dream you close your eyes as memories converge with reality creating a new present.

Has this happened before? Have I ever sat on this grass in this garden before?

I don’t know.

Love for the moments occurring, a great feeling of warmth towards those experiencing this with you; adoration and admiration intensify. Contentment at their very presence is shown through the expression of satisfaction which you paint across your face. Turn to your left and you are reassured that they are here with you: turn to your right and there he is the one who will reach down and pick you up if you fall. You’re safe, beyond safe; you’re not alone.

Time moves so slowly, every moment that passes feels like an hour; appreciate it, embrace it. You can witness every aspect of these moments entirely, listen to every sound which occurs and feel every word that is melodically uttered by those around you.

You’re urged to participate in the conversation which has been playing in what seems like the background for some time. He claims it will help you to comprehend the events which are unfolding in your tangled perception. But comprehension is not what you’re searching for, delving deeper into this pit of sensations to unlock profound illusions of your mind is what you yearn for; indulgence in optical fascination.

The moonlight.

Oh, I know.

The moon stands so tall in the sky, his face lit up so brightly it is impossible to see his expression. The ring of light which resonates around him fluctuates in colour: purple, green, blue, yellow; all seem to reflect from his waxy skin. Lie back in the grass and feel the heat which escapes the light and enters your body. Your heart thumps underneath these warm layers of skin creating a harmonious beat with the pulsation of light which manifests before your eyes.

You want to cry out, your body feels like it’s going to explode; but you remain silent, close your eyes and let your mind entwine with your body. Drift into another dimension. Your gone, there is no redemption now, not yet anyway. Down the river of your mind you float, voices of those with you swirl around you; the water carrying you to a place of contentment. Don’t sit up, you’ll lose it; you’ll never find a place of serenity quite like this.

Rushes of pure emotion, pure love wave across your spine. You open your eyes, look up at them and they know – of course they know – that you feel exactly as they do. Hold your tongue if you wish but if you can you should speak out, even if it is a whisper, just to feel the vibrations pass through your body out of our mouth and to them.

“Guys…” A husky whisper escapes your lips as you pull your light body up to their level.

“Yes.” One of them breathes out quietly.

“This is indescribable.” Your vocal chords tug at one another in harmony. It feels as if you are singing, yet what you hear is a voice filled with such love for words.

“I entirely agree.” Another one utters fondly.

I feel completely at bliss.

I told you nothing could beat this kind of feeling.


5 thoughts on “A Change in Perception

  1. I told you so! lol, said that you’d be great at it and you are!!!..it’s so gripping…I love it. Words are so deep and yet, you don’t get lost! you’re number one fan like I said 🙂


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