You Want to Dream

You want to dream of what you can’t touch, of how things could be, of what everything really means? Then why are you here, sat in front of a television letting it absorb your unique thoughts with each pulsating pixel? Why are you slumped on the armchair sipping that chemically enhanced drink and drooling over the latest gadgets to be pumped onto the market? Why are you sat nine-to-five at that desk in the office conforming to your ‘’bosses’’ wishes? Is this the life of the enlightened? The voices of those ‘children of the revolution’ have been gagged by modernity. Who are you? Tell me and I’ll listen with cynical ear and comment with a judgemental tone. Search for the truth in yourself and when you fail to find it beneath all the blurred trivia of hum-drum, day-to-day life you will ask: why?

Sadly that’s where we all have to begin; a foetus which is manipulated by its surroundings, moulded into the accepted personality. Feel unique? Look at the rest of the population. Speak; tell me what makes you so different? Eye colour, height, weight, hair colour; there are only so many variations and there is no limit to the amount of people that can be created on this planet. What’s the probability that someone somewhere has your eyes? I don’t mean to cause you offense, distress or sadness but the fact is humanities individuality has become blurred and has merged so you are encouraged to fit in as much as possible. Now tell me not what makes you so different or what you are, but what you know to be true. Truth is you may never find what you’re looking for; your thoughts have been so muted, covered, replaced with that shallow ‘what clothes should I buy today’ or ‘I need a new car’. You’re so obliviously happy – nay content – with this that anything different is just an invasion of your livelihood and you will fight to protect it. Answer me this; shouldn’t you be fighting to get out, to be something more? Or do you enjoy being like the rest?

You want to dream go ahead just don’t expect to wake up……


7 thoughts on “You Want to Dream

  1. So true. I think we act like these cause it’s easy. System creates a way of live were we are safe and comfortable but mostly bored , limited and stressed out. From the beginning of our lives we are getting more and more involved in this causual, mainstream life. When we grow up we have so hardly directed minds that we can’t see our options and posibilities. It’s hard to teach your mind thinking in a new way. I once watched a movie called “Fight club” there is some quote i really liked “We buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like”. It’s just example of a ridiciolus behaviors that the system is putting in our heads. We can dream though no one said it’s gonna be easy but it will be AWESOME.

    • Fight Club is an amazing film and yeah I totally agree, we are encouraged to be almost vessels which are then filled by the junk that society pumps at us. So nice to hear people with the same outlook! Check out my Reevaluation of Values its got a similar scope to what your saying about being ushered into a life of compliance. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment though. Its always good to get feedback 🙂

      And of course you can dream, but dream big!

  2. I am glad I happened upon your blog quite by happenstance. I used to be an English Teacher, am sometimes a poet, definately a philosopher of sorts and I like your writing. I am very spiritual, so I do not believe in dreaming, I believe in being. While necessity is the mother of invention–with regards to work, paying bills, and other the other mundane mud we humans have encircled ourselves with–we are yet everything and everything is us. I do have your eye color and you mine. I am both within this universe and without. No, dreaming is another form of seeking…I propose to you this: a finder always finds, a seeker is always seeking. I will be back to enjoy more of your writing. I like it.

    • Thank you, it is nice of you to take the time to read some of my blog and I hope you appreciated it. I was not playing with the actual idea of dreaming but more playing with the idea that people spend there lives in a state of perpetual want; never achieving because they don’t know what they are missing. To be a ‘seeker’ you fist have to break free from the commercialised ‘dreaming’ that we are trained to endeavor and then maybe you can be in a position to find but continue to seek; delving deeper into self-knowledge and universal understanding.

      • Thank you for your kind response. And yes, I did understand your point of dreaming. For the love of spirited debate, I would propose to you that if we tap into the lightness of being, then we may enjoy the rapture of ‘finding’; therefore, seeking would be utterly unnecessary and therein we would experience the mindset you are directing the reader to embrace 🙂

      • Once we find that ‘lightness of being’ though we must remove all interference of ego and therefore cannot be naive enough to think that we cannot continue to endeavor to seek wholeness, because there is always more to understand, more to appreciate and more to absorb when we look beyond the self and expand the consciousness we live in. Thus I encourage my readers to ‘wake-up’ but waking up is the beginning of a journey not the achieved end. What we should always strive to achieve is the knowledge that our impact upon life is a positive one. 🙂 Therefore we shall constantly seek.

      • I think we speak the same language, though semantics sometimes belies thsi fact, particularly via this medium 🙂 What I mean by ‘find’ I believe you mean by ‘seek’. If I am wrong please tell me. My view of finding is that yes, we always wish to expand consciousness, but by looking within and connecting with self, we will find this knowledge without ever seeking it; for this is already within us all. To be able to find the rapture, to me, is to attune to and experience the vast cosmic field that is the experience of Oneness, with the “field of existence,” the dark energy of the quantum state. Thus, we never really seek the knowledge, we find it by attunement within. So many rely on external knowledge to quench the thirst that aches within. In my own awakening, I am finding that by releasing myself of any external authority to guide me, I am able to surrender to the nner authority of the information I feel through my body’s sense experience. I am beginning to recofnize all the things I attract into my life—whether joyful or painful—as my own creative masterpieces. And my finding brought me to this wonderful discourse with you! My thanks for your precious time…


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