The Ripple Effect

Life is like water, it flows in whatever direction it is indicated. So if we let our life be directed by an outside force we, like a river, will follow that path. However, not only do we follow this path that is set out for us but we also create ripples when a pebble is thrown into us. What I mean by this is not physically when someone throws a pebble at you but that when in life you are met with interactions which involve others, the energy which you put into that interaction will ripple outwards. Thus when we do something positive for another we will set off a positive ripple effect which will, like ripples in water, send waves out among us.

Just simply smiling at some-one walking down the street could have such a big effect on so many people. An example of this is the famous note discovered in a mans apartment in the 70’s which read:

“I’m going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I will not jump”

If someone had taken a miniscule part of their life to smile at this man as he trudged all the way down to the Golden Gate Bridge it would have not only saved his life but prevented his family from misery, prevented people having to trawl for his body and gaze upon his lifelessness, and many other procedures that it involved. Even more you could see that his family may become miserable and create more negative ripples of there own which would be sent out into the world beyond any awareness of the people who did not smile at the suicidal man.

Yet it’s hard in this day an age to think of how our actions will effect those that we are not in immediate contact with as they are not ‘important’ to us. That’s what we forget; we are a human race, we are all intrinsically linked through so many different channels. We all sit around shutting ourselves off from each other absorbing distrust which has been created in the world.

Looking at society today you can’t help but think that we should be wondering why we’re encouraged to not connect with each other, to remain as individuals only caring about our own lives, remotely watching others suffer; happily ignorant to the negativity we promote.

When interacting with other human beings we should promote a positivity which will ripple around the world and make its way back to each of us.  Pay It Forward, a film with Kevin Spacey in, shows this idea that when we do good deeds we should not expect anything back apart from the knowledge that our positivity will be sent out and hopefully effect others lives.

I think we should remember that we’ll all end up in the sea one day, surrounded by all the waves that we have sent out and been given. Me, personally, I want to be surrounded by a welcoming love which shows how connected we are.



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