Inspiring Artist

“But some of you, won’t survive the changes the earth makes
Swallowed by tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes
And that’s just the first stage of ‘you-can-not-reverse-ways’
And realise that we are one, regardless of our birthplace. “

There are many outlets of expression for the truths of humanity, but personally I look up to this lyrical genius: Immortal Technique. His lyrics are not only educational, but inspire you to creatively express the distress with the world that many of us feel. He tends to write intellectual rap songs full of amazing uses of half-rhymes, lyrical metaphors and ‘in your face’ statements.

Music is a universally accepted authority that can play on both emotions and thoughts. Yet today our radios are swamped with unintelligent, provocative lyrics which encourage the young into a life of promiscuity and consumerism. So when coming across such a powerful presence as Immortal Technique it is refreshing and enlightening. Truly to any one who can handle a little bit of crudeness and profanity you will truly benefit from the knowledge he gives through his songs.

I am not endorsing an artist just merely passing on true poet of the underground rap scene which brings with him such a feeling of freedom and understanding of the world. It is artists like these that I want to hear coming from the radio; passionate true lyrical geniuses which actually educate us into a life of a free consciousness.

When I look to the future it saddens me to see a world full of meaningless music created to ensue a passive lifestyle where you are a passenger to what society dictates. Of course I enjoy a feel good song and I’m not saying all music is soulless but when I turn on the radio and hear songs about ‘girls, cash and cars’ I feel that we’ve lost our way a little bit when it comes to what we are supposed to be living for.



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