A Poem on Recent Times

We as humans love to fight,

Hate to love and care not to be equal,

Think of Gaza, the war for territory,

The greed for a piece of history.

We as humans love to profit,

 Hate to share and care not to be honest,

Think of the Palestines, 110 families crying for these crimes,

Just for a sacred land.


Should we not put down our weapons, form bonds not create  political inception,

Don’t enrage or enslave, promote freedom and choice,

Give ourselves a true spiritual voice.

So now they ask for a truce, Egypt and Israel at a political deuce.

Yet they still want control of the precious land,

The strip that for centuries has been fought over by man,

All because religion dictates it.

“We must separate the people, for they are not equal.”

These words are mumbled,

Between the lines of the humbled spiritual figures which decree,

In a world that is supposed to be free.

These talks of ‘Hamas’ terrorism,

Are mere veils upon the barbarism of which we see.

“Kill or be killed, I command thee”.


Humans should not fight for peace,

True freedom should not be policed,

We as humans should love for nothing,

Fight for nothing,

Live for everything and try to be something,

More than what society is looking for.



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