Painters of Ourselves

The Vitality of Human Transformation

Vital in our existence, we live through separation; our juxtapositions so close yet so detached. We have forgotten the true connectivity, a connectivity which remains threaded through our essences despite the ignorance we formulate through the biological intellect that we inhabit. The meeting of two separate yet metaphysically intertwined beings within the modern paradigm usually … Continue reading

We hold Time

We The Physicists of Time

Within physics it is noted that no observable object remains unchanged by the observer. The concept that if you were to observe the objects of the room within their three dimensional functioning, your vibratory perception would affect how they were aligned within the physical realm. This idea states that when the observer is not present … Continue reading

True form

The Dreamscape of Existence

We’re born with a curiosity for answers, but entrained to believe that someone else will give them to us; that our life, like fairy tale, will be in turmoil until a saviour comes to provide us with everything we’ve been searching for. The pattern emerges that suffering exists so that we can anticipate someone to … Continue reading

The Emergence of Our Wings

Something which seems to create a struggle in all of us, is the inability to let go; the incapacity to look back on the past and call it the past. It’s as if, in this ever changing existence, we do not possess the talent to cut ties with moments which no longer exist. These moments … Continue reading

Death Of A Paradigm

Ego Death: the concept of losing the identification with individual awareness and becoming timeless,eternal and existent in the form of collective consciousness. Within my short-lived experience of this form I became aware of how much our ego embeds itself so deep within us, in attempt to burrow into our very essence; creating trap doors and … Continue reading


What It Really Takes To Be Free.

Soul searching is not a term that I resonate very well with, mainly because I think for some is not a conscious process but almost a journey you are on throughout your life. A journey that you may not be aware of until the energy that has rippled from your intents grabs you and allows … Continue reading

Trying not to disappear.

In a way I feel I’ve done myself wrong for not posting on here in what seems so long, but sometimes life takes from you the tools you need to function in such a creative way. This is an expression, a story of when things became blurred: Trapped within fear… lost within physical anxiety. Not … Continue reading

Your Much Deserved Awards.

I have just been honored enough to receive a nomination for the award : Very Inspiring Blogger from Sofia Siberia! – Check it out it’s enlightening. Sofia Siberia has one of the most positivity resonating blogs I have seen yet. It is full of such educating, uplifting knowledge which truly tap into the truth … Continue reading


What we have lost.

Vacant smiles and false expressions inhabit the faceless people which we seem to interact with day in day out. Some days it disheartens me when I walk down the street and move into the road so a women can pass by with her child in a buggy, just to not even receive a gracious smile. … Continue reading

New Year, New Look.

Viewing my blog based upon it’s aesthetics I could see that although the elegance of it may have been appealing, it lacked a structure to it that was coherent and therefore post’s like my ‘Revaluation of Values’ became lost in admits a never ending scrolling. So I thought I was best to find a theme … Continue reading


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